Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not sure about this... feedback desired please

Just in case you dont know.. if i ask for feedback.... if i ask for your opinion.. PLEASE leave me a comment.. good OR bad... i am truly desirous of YOUR opinion... YES YOU!. Tell me what you think, i really want to know.It can only take just a moment of your time. A small thing to grant me, especially if you've even enjoyed any of my postings... now is the time to give back. PLEASE, just your opinion, thats all i ask.

Ok, so recent RL developments leave this wanna be sissy very poor.

My sissy supplies include:
1 8" realistic Dildo
1 7" failing silky vibrator
4 pair of panties (2 of which dont fit, another are ripped)
1 bra (pretty but too small)
2 pair of totally torn and running thigh high stockings
1 pair of strappy heels

i am needing more, at least another couple of pair of panties, maybe a pretty sundress, and of course, im always looking for something to fill fill my pussy in new and unique ways.

Trouble is..... without a supportive home environment, or any funds to speak of... going out shopping for these items i desire is difficult at best, and life ruining at worst. my daily perusal of various sissy websites finds many girls receiving pretty things from admirers. Sooo... now i'm torn.

i want pretty things too. i dont wanna be one of 'those' girls who just blatantly begs for stuff... but then again... if someone wants to treat me... then maybe i should make it easy for them? What do you think? If i have a wishlist available... am i being a greedy bitch? i'm not requiring anyone to buy anything.... but if my RL friends wanted too, then i would expect them to need some kind of list of my desires as well.... idk.

Bottom line.. i dont wanna give the wrong impression, i'm NOT a meterialistic girl. Truthfully? i just like to be treated girly. When i dress i am filled with joy. When i play, i feel so much like a submissive good girl, it brings me so much joy on a level that has nothing to do with sex. When strangers call me a girl, or a pretty woman (in SL), omg, can i tell you how awesome it is?!? So.. maybe.. this would be a good way of receiving those feelings. To be a girl receiving gifts from others, encouraging my self transformation, assisting me with my self realization....  it need it soo bad.

i guess... for now.... i'll post my list in the side bar... and see what kind of feed back i get. Please, positive or negative, i want to hear what you think, take a moment and tell me please? Am i being a greedy whore? Or is this acceptable for those that may have the urge?

I am very concerned with how others view me, and giving the incorrect  impression, so please, just a word or two, please tell me.


  1. I don't think you're greedy or anything, it's a wishlist of items you'd like to own at some point. Should someone feel like giving you one (or more) of those items, it's always up to them :) And you aren't begging or bitching for them, are you? No, you aren't ;)

    Besides, as far as I know, there are people who enjoy giving stuff to girls - and enjoying a thank you video or something like it :) Sugardaddies, I believe, do exist :)

    1. So not only did you make me smile this morning, but you have relieved my concerns as well... thankkies hun.... i truly appreciate it.
      *cuddles and snuggles*