Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Sissy Pilot: a reveiw

Sara over at 'Saragirl's Sissy Confessions' is the author of many wonderful works of erotica, the latest of which, The Sissy Pilot i've recently read.

This book is captivating, every page absorbing me into the life of little wimpy Dana, and his hot but neglected wife, Tiffany. It starts out typically enough for the genre, establishing the unfortunate predicament Dana has gotten himself into. He has managed to find himself out of work, living off of Tiff, and with the resulting lack of self esteem, finds himself not being able to perform his manly duties - either out of, or even inside, the bedroom.

Of course he loves her very much and has no desire to see her burdoned.... or unfufillled in any way. What a delicious little set-up.

Soon enough an offer for steady employment falls into his lap.... with one small catch. He MUST appear in everyway, in look and actions, as a beautiful woman. His need for any employment being so strong, and this being a peice of erotic fiction... im sure you can guess what happens next.

The progression from unwilling self-important man to broken sexy unsure sissy is mesmerizing. Every unsure step he takes into the world of crossdressing is a sexy tease into the submission you as the reader can see coming a mile away. In fact... even though the nubile young wife is supportive, and justified in her every manipulation... even to the point of reluctant (or not-so-reluctant) domme.

Of course... eventually.... the reader is witness to his inevitable submission to the sissy's cuckolding, as he allows his wife to seek the pleasure that he has been unable to provide, and his acceptance in his new role as sissy wife.

The whole book is a quick read.. or maybe.. i just couldnt stop, eager to read the next scene of sissy acceptance, the next scene of girl pleasures, the next scene of continued self doubt as a man(?) in a womans world, and the re-assurances and support all of his new girlfriends provide him with at every turn. In this way, Sara lets you as the reader know that no matter what trials and tribulations the sissy goes through, he is accepted, loved, never rejected, and that this path is the correct one for him... and by extention, maybe even you, the reader.

If only real life feminization could be this easy, this welcome in the hearts of others. If only EVERY closeted sissy could be lead to the promised land so simply, maybe there would be less saddness surrounding our choosen identities. In  this point, i found the one thing that made me remember that i was reading fiction -- the lack of sissy hatred, the lack of seething disgust from co-workers and the general public.... the novel is about acceptance and support. In that regard, maybe, the lack of reality makes the read more pleasent, making the journey of the charecters easier, providing a fantasy that any sissy could feel comforting in imagining for themselves.

I guess the only real criticism i could find is... the setting. The title is 'The Sissy Pilot'. The main character is a pilot. The motivation to dress as a woman is to get the job as a pilot, and all of the main supporting characters are involved in his life by way of being employed on the same air staff. However... the employment details really have nothing to do with being a pilot. Sure, the new girl friends and compatriots he meets are fellow stewardesses or co-pilots, or other airline and HR staff.... but they could have just as easily been sales people working in a retail store. The author could have substituted ANY type of employment and provided the same story line with very few changes. I guess what i am trying to say.... i kinda hoped the fact that he was a pilot would be a larger part of the overall story, when in fact, it was and almost minor detail, not necessary to the story particulars.

However... that does not take away  from the enjoyment of the story at all. I found the read to be fun, and sexy. Sara's teasingly detailed descriptions of Dana's wardrobe, as well as his inner thoughts makes the novel worth every penny . It was very enjoyable to witness his journey, and be a voyuer into the life of a feminized cuckold sissy. By the last page i was wishing for another two or three chapters, certainly the novel left me wanting more. There were times in which this wanna-be-sissy would touch and stroke, and other times where i wanted to cry in identification with his doubts and fustration with his own lack of manly traits. Funnily enough... there is not so much sex that this could be considered a stroke reader... but in many ways... at least to this sissy... there is sooo much overwhelming sexiness to the topic and inner monologue that the whole novel gave me kind of.. a 'level of sexy feelings... like a plateau of girly sexy moods, without being overly pornographic... like a woman's romance novel i guess.. but... for sissies.

The desscriptions of dressing and his desires and reactions to wearing sexy girly lingerrie and clothing is spot on... the glimpses into his  inner thoughts a wonderful tease and way of leetting us (as the reraders) know that the Author has intimate experiences with a sissy wearing beautiful sexy clothes for the first time... and the corresponding mind fucking that goes along with it.

Anyway... i guess its obvious that i have none of the writing talent that Sara has... so i will end my reveiw here. The Bottom line -- This is an amazing read, quick, fun, sexy, erotic and even thought provoking (to the extent that erotica can do that, maybe a bit of self-examination?). It is priced within easy reach of anyone, and i can easily recommend that this novel is purchased and enjoyed by every sissy that can see this.

Thank You Sara for producing a wonderful read. When i couldn't deal with life for a couple of days... i turned to this book, and lost myself in the fantasy of having no choice... needing to be a woman and being accepted by all, but most importantly the support of my fiance, turning me into a beautiful sexy sissy, and then doing as she pleases for her own satisfaction.

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