Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Smile Shared

This made me smile.

Garfield minus Garfield (a most brilliant concept - take an unfunny comic strip... strip away EVERYTHING, including the main character, and leave the ramblings of manic depressive Jon). Check out the site. At first i identified with crazy Jon, realizing that i seem to be like him. Made me laugh. i read through 6 months and KNEW i was Jon. After reading back 2 years worth? i began to get depressed. This guy is seriously fucked up.

Looks like Tranny Jon had a good night... hehe

Yeah... so i tend to get worked up over little things too.

And when i'm 'up'..... i'm REALLY 'up'!

Giggles, swap the last two panels and this would be perfect.....

giggles, btw... after reading a ton of these? i think a strong argument could be made for Jon to be a crossdresser... maybe one day i'll post some examples of that theory....

check it: garfield minus garfield

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