Friday, August 17, 2012

Today's Self-Taught Sissy Lesson

Nair (depilatory local to the USA), CAN go bad! If you decide to cut open and use that mostly empty bottle of Nair you've been saving for months just so you can use the last few dollops..... be aware of a few things:

1. It may not be very effective anymore, leaving behind hair AND sore skin.
2. Just because it burns right away doesn't mean its working.
....and what ever you do....
3. DON'T use just any cream to relieve the burning soreness after your shower, especially not 'skin-silkening' cream... as it may have alcohol in it (as most creams do.)

silly sissy... when will you ever learn?
At least its not in a tender spot.... /sarcasm/

hehehe.. although... i have to admit.. it kinda looks like pussy lips... no?


So.. it stung all night.... was just a tad more than uncomfortable... but by this morning, 90% of the sting was gone.. ~whew~ dont know what i wouldve done if i couldnt touch for a few days, hehehe


  1. OWWEEYYYYYY !! Quit using Nair for that reason. Just a careful razor using sissy now.

    1. hehe... i shave most of the time.... but its difficult... especially around my pussy. Every now and again (thus the Nair getting old)depilatory really makes me smooth and feeling VERY girly. This was as a result of the white bottle... but there is a pink bottle ive been using recently thats a lot easier, less caustic.. thats what i did the rest with after the small old bottle was gone... had no issues anywhere else.
      Besides, giggles, truthfully... i may be a tiny bit of a pain slut... giggles

  2. Just naired for the first time. How. Long does it last. First time ever removing body hair.