Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sissy Needs a Playmate

Are you a sissy?

Are you a sissy lover?

Are you on the East Coast USA? Philly area?

Would you like to play?

This sissy NEEDS a regular... friend. she should NOT be sucking strange dick after strange dick after strange dick and swallowing multiple strange loads. It's too dangerous.

This sissy is looking for a friend. Someone ...close. Someone to help her feel girly. Someone to appreciate her girly mind. Someone to help her shop, and dress, and maybe... assist with her makeup.

If you are a lonely Daddy looking for a regular dump... then drop me a line.

If you are a Mommy looking for a sissy to serve You... then drop me a line.

If you are a sissy gurl too and want someone to share with... maybe someone to guide... please... drop me a line.

This sissy is very submissive. This sissy desires to serve. This sissy has much to learn.

A Mommy who will laugh as She trains my pussy and owns my mouth and humiliates me is one dream. A Daddy who will use my form for His pleasure, who will treat me like the slut he knows that i am, is another dream. A sissy gurl friend i can ask questions of, who wants to share, who wants a loving sister to cuddle and have fun times with, is the dream trifecta.

i...need... to feel like a girl. To have others treat me as a girl. To be desired as a girl.

me... in my dreams

Hit the Jump for my sissy resume'

Eager Cocksucker
Ball Lapper
Ass Licker
Cum Lover / Eater
Trained & Opened Pussy (only ever used once!)
Comfortable in Lingerie
Not Camera Shy
Experienced Pussy Slurpper
Piss Drinker

1986 - First cock in mouth. Sucked longer than required. Dreams of Mommy feminizing Her little faggy boi
1986-1989 - Frequently wore Mothers granny-panties. Experimented with makeup. Discovery of porn and masturbation to (& envy of) pretty girls with mouthfuls of cock
1992-1995 - Multiple orgy parties, most bi-sexual, multiple cock sucking, frotting, and double-vaginal fucking with friends. Used pussy sucking. First anal penetration received, load accepted deep.
2002 - Return to cockluv with breakout faggy actions on knees in porno booths. First face fuck, first load swallowed.
2010 - Hypno porn discovered.
2011 - Inner Sissy Accepted. Alternative Internet life started. Crossdressing explored and accepted. Multiple cocks sucked and swallowed. Pussy Training started. Sissy blog started.
2012 - Pussy Trained to easily accept cocks to larger sizes. Clit almost useless for fucking. Many anon cocks sucked and mouth worshiped. Daily sissy life lived through Internet.

To be the best sissy i can be. To be trained and easily transformable between gurl and "man" as long as RL includes family. In the event this sissy is on her own, she desires to change and live as sissy full time. This sissy needs makeup training. This sissy needs a feminine hair style. This sissy needs motivation to risk being discovered hairless.

So... if you want a semi-steady sissy slave / pet / friend... AND you are willing to be patient, teach a sissy, train her... AND finally.. if you accept that this sissy is not just yet ready to leave her old life... but yet still wants to start a new one... please... let me know.

Close to me today, can you bring me the rest of the way?
 You can see pictures of me scattered throughout this blog. i hide nothing. i am not a passible girl.. but the men ive swallowed seemed to think i was cute in my own way.

See the look in her eyes? That's how i feel when i think of you
i will gladly release my email to anyone that replies with a serious response. i would prefer a little bit of email exchange just so you and i both are most comfortable, but when it comes down too it... i am a good girl who does what she is told.


  1. Great post !! Too bad this sissy is to far away :( With that resume can't believe there aren't any inquiries yet.

  2. It's a shame I live on a different continent... *hugs*

    1. You are a real sweety Johanna... luv your blog AND your tumbler, its a great way to stiffen a clitty first thing in the morn! mmmmm... if you were close we could lots and lots of sexy sissy funtimes together... ahhh to dream....

  3. Philly eh? I live in Philly (ok, technically it's in one of the burbs, but I'm 15 minutes away!), although I'm new to the "scene" myself... but I'm up for some correspondence and then seeing where it goes! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You have been added to my contact list, I wanted to do that before heading to bed... and yes, it is bad ;) look for an email from me in the next day or two!

  4. you look so good! thanks for your blog!

  5. I'd love to email u. What's the email add. Live in ny can travel to phily anytime