Saturday, September 8, 2012

She Took my Cummies Away From me :(

IDK if ya'll have been payin attention or not, but at the top of the page you can see a counter keeping track of times between my cummies (both gurl and boi types). Mainly.... its a way of self-reinforcement of proper sissy behavior. i quickly discovered that when i had to update my boi cummies more than the sissygasms, that i felt like i was being bad. It became easier to enforce my self denial that way.

Well.... i had gotten up to ten days with no boi cummies.. and i have recently been abusing my pussy more and more in my lust frenzy. i knew (from past experiences) that soon i would be prime for either a large hands free spurt... or i would be able to have a real good cummie as i was playing online with my beautiful clowny fiance`. (Check out my SecondLife posts for more info). i made a promise to myself.. to nicolette... Clowny gets my load... or the VERY least (if i just couldn't wait), a proper sissy self-milking.

Enter the missus.

Missus has been hinting around recently thats she's in the mood again. i guess we are on a two-to-three week intimacy cycle now. This morning, she called me into the bedroom again, just as i was getting settled online.

"Come lay down with me."

Laying down quickly became touching me, which became kissing, which became bodies rubbing. i knew what she wanted, but now i was torn.

i know that i wont cum from straight sex with her. i MAY not be able to keep a hard on that way. It's become increasingly harder to maintain a stiffy while straight fucking nowadays, i really am becoming THAT much of a sissy slut. The way she prefers sex now is if i pull myself off as she rides my face, then i use my cummies to rub her off as she is on all fours.

May seem sexy to you... but as with anything else, repetition makes for boring life. Besides.... i was trying to save my cummies, remember? i certainly DID NOT want to waste it in my hand AGAIN!

So, she seemed horney enough, i decided to push her a bit.

"please? please, make me..... your sissy bitch?"

"...." "What.... what do you want me to do.... bitch?"

"panty? panty my cock? put your panties on me and make my your sissy bitch and be forceful with me, treat me like a girl, please? please treat me like your bitch girlfriend?"

So, a little unsure eyes from her, as i continued to frig her clitty, keeping her hot - eventually she slipped the panties off and tried to wank me a bit with them. They are not silk or satiny... kind of a cotton nylon blend, so... it wasnt so great.... but watching her do it, like a Domina wanking and teasing their slave (although this scenario is all in my head as she is a total novice to anything kinky), well i was gettng myself worked up.

Lots of hip squirming and sissy whimpers as she wanked, and eventually she went ahead and properly pantied me. YAY!

Quickly straddling my face she dangled her full sweet cuntlips over my face. Her trimmed bush glistening from her wetness... she was very turned on. Her belly in my face, and her tits pointed down, almost aimed at me - she looked down into my eyes as she scraped her clit over my tongue.

"touch it... make it cum" she said.

i didnt want to, and kept my hands on her tits, pulling lightly at her nips. i was hoping that maybe i could get her off this way and still save my cummies. She was insistent.

"jerk it off for me. get the cum."

"but... i want.... can i?... can i cum... inside you..... then..... i'll...... eat? it? out of you? i'll lick your pussy clean. Make me eat it from you. will that make you hot? will that get you off?"

She thinks. "Mmmmm? .. Mhmm... " She shook her head affirmative, reached back as started to wank my hard boner in the panties stretched over it.

However... instead of dong what we were JUST discussing..... instead she moved off to the side, got comfy and began to lick and suckle the end of my prick. While it WAS nice... i had to fantasize that our positions were reversed... at i was looking at ME sucking the end of a nice hard weeping cock, in order to keep my hard on (i didnt wanna insult her by going limp - and no matter how many times ive told her.... i cant really 'feel' a blowjob most times, so its nice.. but not ever satisfying).

So i was wonder how this was gonna work out... was i gonna wank it into her? Should i push her over and try to fuck her till my cum? (yeah... i still try.. even though its always disappointing now) Oh shit.. she started to lick and suck my eggs, stroking me at the same time.

A quick tongue swipe over my pucker, and she scooted up next to me... side by side, she was turned to face me as i lay on my back. Her fingers were in the panties, rubbing my taint nice and hard.

"jerk it for me. jerk off as i rub your pussy? do you like that little bitch? you like it when i rub you?"

i couldn't help it. i started to pull on the stiff swollen meat. im sowwy clowny :(

Her tits pressed into my arm, her arm over my belly and wrist disappearing into my panties, stiff gurlcock poking out of the waist band - who could blame me? Her fingers pressed my pucker.

"do you want to be fingered bitch? sissy bitch? do you like this?"

"MMHMMM!" Stroking hard.

Rubbing circling, she never stopped, but didnt give me any penetration (just as well... i wasnt ... ummmm... 'prepared' for that). The sensations on my pussy lips were divine. i was watching her out of the corners of my eyes, staring at her tits pressed into me, feeling like her lesbian girlfriend, i began to feel SOOO submissive.

i reached my subspace at that moment.

Eyes closed, feeling every inch of her skin on mine, her arm holding me down, taking me, fingering me, her girlfriend, she was giving me, her lesbian submissive girlfriend, as proper fingering. my slutty hips started to pump. In my mind we were grinding our cunt lips together hard.

omg. i came so hard. SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT. Five hard ones.... and all over the place, covering my hairy chest, wanking arm, all over my cock and balls, everywhere... i was a real cummy mess. She kept rubbing hard the entire time... maybe she even poked inside my cunt... not sure. But i do know she kept it up even as my pricklette bagan to deflate even as a few weak shots kept flexing and popping out the end of my crown weakly. In the end i must have shot 7 or 8 significant 'pops'.

And the entire time? she was exclaiming in a 'fun' way (with a smile in her voice) "ooooo... thats right, cum girl, cum my girl, shoot it out, oh my god, your clitty came so much! I've never seen a clitty cum that way! your clitty came! was that nice? do you like it when your clitty cums that way?"

In the end, subspace fading, the humiliation and embarrassment creeped in. i couldnt talk, too embaressed to acknowledge my own perversions. Lots of head shaking and noding to her follow up questions and attempts to confirm my submissivemness. i couldnt make eye contact. i wonder if she noticed.

A quick position shuffle, her on all fours, me sitting aside her hips, legs under her, fingers working her sex over. i made sure to use my copious load to lubricate her sex as she likes. I even had enough to spread over her bum cheeks and massage in as i diddled her... she likes that lots. She came hard, quickly.

We cuddled for a moment and then at her request i layed with her, sponning her till she fell asleep.

My mind was racing. i had to get here and confess. i am still wearing her panties, whats left of my load drying on my skin.

Sowwy Clowny... but i really had no choice.


  1. I'm so sorry that you couldn't give your load to Clowny... :( *hugs*

    1. These things happen... part of the hazards i guess when in a RL relationship and having an online relationship at the same time. Good news? missus got her period this morn... and i promised my Clown that i would stay chase for her this week.... so she can receive my love this coming Friday :P

      My wedding gift to her... this week, she owns my orgasm.

    2. Yep, these things happen... sadly :(
      But there's your silver lining, I'm happy for you :)

  2. Love your writings sweet sissy slut.

    Would love to talk with you and others.