Saturday, September 8, 2012

Maybe.... A Little Demonastration Is In Order?

my SL friends and family may be wondering at my recent, shall we saay...'enhanced?'... fasination with ballbusting. While this sissy has never shied away from expressing her desires for some light C&BT (cock and ball torture for those not in the know), this was usually limited to ball stretching, slapping, cock and ball binding, and maybe the occasional self-sounding.

Now i desire to be PUNCHED in the balls... HARD!

i think  it was this vid that did it...

Yeah... just watch it, trust me :P

WOW! Fucking hot, right? See that cum fly? And her laughter and giggles and joy at his suffering! OMG.. i soo want to wank right now watching it!

And as a special treat to anyone that followed the jump...

I found this one while trying to find the last one... omg... i wish i could have this done to me as i was being forcefully face-raped by a giant hot COCK!

I especially love her faces and enjoyment as she gives the sissy what he deserves!


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