Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Know You WANT To

A good hypno vid to repeat over and over you sad slut-wanna-be.

You know the drill....
Door closed

Relax yourself and get dressed nice and pretty. Put on your favorite sexy lingerie. Lube up your sissy hole and guide that fake cock inside your pussy. Bounce, slide him in and out.

No touching your worthless clitty!

When he slides in and out nice and easy, Click play. You may fuck your hungry cunt, but the only cummies allowed are the hands-free type. If you dont spurt... tough luck bitch. Try again tomorrow.

Cummies or not.... you MUST watch in fullscreen a minimum of 3 times in a row.

You know what  you want to be.
You know what you need to be.

Be a slut.
Be a bimbo.
Only cocks.
Only cum.
Be a hole.
Be a cum hole.
Let balls empty their juices inside your slutty body.
Love it.
Love cum.
Only desire to be fucked.
Train yourself.
Be a better slut.
Open your holes.
Love it.

**kisses faggots!**

- Nicolette