Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Being Selfish

We need so much as humans.
We need food, rest, drink, and companionship at minimum to stay alive and sane.

Sometimes we want more. Sometimes we feel as if we need a certain persons touch or care or attentions.

Sometimes, that person cannot give those things. Not that it stops us from desiring them.

Our wants are not necessarily another's desires. If we are lucky, the one in control takes a bit of pity, or feels our need and desires to help, or is just a giving soul who casts aside other things to make time for us. Other times, many times, our small desires and wants are NOT the other's priority. Perhaps they have something else... larger... more important to be concerned about.

For those cases, when your desires go unfufilled through the inaction of another... try to remember... YOU are NOT the center of the universe.

A loving relationship is one where BOTH sides try to keep the other happy, fulfilling each others needs as they are able to. However - at the same time - love means acceptance. Accepting another's limitations. Understanding their situation. Being supportive of their weaknesses.

No matter what has gone before. No matter how things were, my shortcomings, my failings, Your lack of time or desire or constant distractions; know... i am with You every moment.

I know the struggle.

I can imagine the pain.

I know the heartache.

Stay strong, focus on the goal.


Bish - You never backed away from anything in your life. Don't start now.


You can punish me when You come back. This Girl will be waiting for You, so hurry up.

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