Saturday, December 24, 2011

Current Training Update!

So.. was a bit drunk last night, on the way home i had to pass the ABS..... i was tempted. i wanted to further my training... i had a few bucks, and i have been longing for a new dildo... maybe something that vibrates... and i certainly need a suction cup so i can ride!

i pulled in... i was going to treat myself... it's christmas... i did my shopping for everybody else... shit nicolette deserves a present too! nothing better than a new fancy dick! YUMMY!

Giggles! the girl behind the counter said hi!, hehe, i smiled at her and her giant sloppy titties... she was showing a mile of cleavage, and she was quite chubby, but she smiled back, and i went on my mission... making a bee-line for the toy wall. There was another stray perv in the shop trying to talk to her, but i got the feeling her was bothering her. (BTW - did i mentioned i had my panties on under my boi clothes? giggles.... so sexy....

Soon, i found what i was looking for. Not a great selection.... after sitting on seven inches of hard curved glass the other day, i knew i wanted a butt plug to tickle my pussy as i work. Alas... they only had small ones.. even the 'medium' seemed like there wasn't enough 'lip' to stay inside my cunt.. and i certainly dont want to lose the thing while im out!

Ok amount of dildoes / vibes... i was kinda hopin for a chocolate cock to bring to the counter... all of a sudden i realized how great it was going to be to make my purchase... i promised not to shy away.. to 'own' it... and i was gonna get more than one butt stretcher! Darn... no BBC that fit my needs (size! giggles!)

Then i found Him.

Sorry, can't figure out to rotate Him!   :(

7" (Same as Glass Daddy who pokes me deep) 'check'
Suction Cup base 'check'
'Real Skin' feel 'check'
Curved for "my" pleasure.. 'check!'
Vibrating! YAY! 'CHECK!'

He was imeadiately holding my hand as i continued to browse the wall. New Daddy and i.. shopping for toys together. i didnt care who saw. the girl came near for some reason, i turned so she could easily see my New Daddy  in my hand, fingers along side His body.

The perv came close to... but idk... one side of me wished he would rape me right there on the floor, but the other side was kinda disgusted by him.. idk why... i am no better.. a scumbag whore looking to get fucked and used....

Anyway.. i did find another toy.. a pretty purple waterproof velvety vibe... but i'll tell you about her later.... this story is about my new luver... New Daddy!

Counter girl was real friendly during my purchase.. she offerred me batteries.. and i kinda fumbled my answer.. i was nervous.... i realized i wasn't living up to my promise, and i smiled, made eye-contact, and mentally told her these toys were for me.

i left elated. thank god she sold me batteries, because i couldn't get a few parking lots away before i had to pull over and load up my new toys and feel their silky vibrations on my face and lips! But i could not play then... i knew i had to wait for today.

Today... Daddy took me.. i Love Him!

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