Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fapping in your office bathroom

Ok tits... onsite and checking my online life (sometimes waiting for programs to install leaves me LOTS of time!). i find all kinds of sadness.... maybe ill detail later... and some happiness! Seems as if my little online diary here is getting some plugs from around the web! YAY!

So... this is official Thank YOU! to krystel74 ( ) AND solstice ( ). Both of these blogs are.. giggles... right up my alley! hehehehe.

And without further ado... this was found on Solstice's blog.. and i have had my panties around my ankles and fapping in your office's bathroom for the past 20 minutes.... i dont even think they noticed i was gone!

i wish i was that lucky, lucky sub boi taking her beautiful cock! She fuckes him soo wonderfully! ahhh... to dream......

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