Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gonna Be One of Those Days..... i can tell

If you wake up and NEED to be fucked.... crave the strong hard-on inside your pussy, wanting to be used and abused.... you know you are in for a loooong day.

So today? Tell me.... be my Big Daddy and put your thing inside of me, over and over... i have two sexy holes for you Daddy. They are yours .... for use.. for your pleasure. Use me, open me, dump in me, discard me.

Dare to Dream

Be my sexy Mommy. Make me serve you, dress me up in pretty things and humiliate me. Take me out in public and expose me for the sissy panty waist i truly am. Turn me into your personal fluffer and get your kicks watching me serve as your faggot. Use me to prep your lovers, use me to finish off your lovers, allow your lovers to use my holes until i am raw and you are amused. Please Mistress, use my face for your seat. let me please you over and over. Feed me only your holy piss. Use my face as your cunt rag.

Teach sissy her place please

Please play sexy sissy games with me? Sissy sisters should always be supportive hunny.... let me caress your stockinged legs. Lets compare heels and makeup tips. Lets show off and trade lingerie. Let us rub our stiffy nippies together. Let us compare our small little clitties to the giant cunt busters in the pornos. Let's cuddle and snuggle and fill our empty face holes with each other. Please sister? Let me wash your sissy stick with my cum licking tongue. i promise to do a good job.

Sometimes sissies need to turn to each other for some comforting

A good sissy LOVES to demonstrate her willingness to serve to any audience


YESH... that will do nicely!

oops.. sowwy bout that... gettin a bit worked up.....

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