Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Cautionary Tale for the Sissy's Tail

So... there i was... dreaming... trancing. i was tied and had promised myself no cummies. i was still touching though, light girly rubs, the occasional smack to the eggs, massaging my back pussy lips.

Watching videos of sissy love. Two delightfully fem crossdressers, softly kissing, holding each other. Playfully exploring each others soft feminized bodies was causing my sissy mind to think of my beautiful sister wife.

My sexy clown. My best friend. My beautiful Sistrix - Twinkles Greymyst.

She makes such a pretty dolly... doesn't she? ^^

My eyes closed, visions of times when she was on top of me, other moments when i was her Top, the love, the sex, the intimacy we share.... Fuck my clitty was standing tall, my fingers rubbing my hole vigorously, i could feel it wink in need.

Opening my eyes, i see it.... my friend the lotion bottle. *giggles* She and i have had lots of games before. She not the largest item to penetrate me, but the largest i take normally. Her stretch is something i need to workup to. This time, however, my sissy head was filled with such lust and need....

I was in such a sissy clowny mood. Tweaking my nipples, hearing them *HONK* inside my head, *giggles* as i teased my hole, dreaming of my sister's tongue. It certainly didn't help that  the lotion was such a cute and clowny fun style! An old xmas gift that came in a sampler, no one ever uses it, 'cept me of course! :P It has a candy smell, is lavender colored, with plenty of glitter mixed throughout. "Glittery Gumdrop' - How appropriate for a silly sissy like me! I knew my sis would approve. ^^

Tell me that's NOT the cutest lotion you've ever seen!

Yes, i was going to fill myself up with my sister's clowny penis. Now.... lemme stop right here and remind you... normally i have to workup to this bottle. It's easily 2+ inches across. I don't insert the cap end, because i'm worried about the edges... so it's always bottom side up. The flat surface makes it a bit difficult to insert, but once in... there's a nice slow burn as my hole opens for the plastic intruder. This time though... i was hot... i needed it... as there was little waiting.

Lube... i needed lube. The lotion itself? MMmmmm... idk..... would the glitter be rough on my sensitive insides? It's it safe to use internally? Spit! Spit works! I was emboldened by my recent use of my plug, simply gagging on the fully inserted plug down my throat, then imeadiately up my hole... but this wasn't the same. The bottle isn't tapered, throat  slime only really comes up from the gag.... regardless, i lubed the rounded rim as much as i could with my tongue, squatted, closed my eyes to imagine my circus wife behind me, holding my hips, as i guided her fat sissy stick up inside my cunt.

OMG... she hurt.... she was stretching so much! And it was sooooo hard to get her in! I had to push and wiggle, and almost rest my entire weight to get her inside. And when she did! OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! The burn! It lasted MUCH longer than normal before i could even think about any motion.

Finally, my hole settled down. I could wiggle her a bit. There was almost no in and out. I realized (too late) that maybe the lotion as lube would have been a better idea. Never the less, i had a sissy job to finish. So with the images of being taken, of giving myself completely over to my Second Life Wife.... i rode her fat prick until i managed a wonderfully girly sissygasm.

After my heart stopped pounding, i examined and was very happy to see only long traces of drippy clear pre flowing from my sex, a quick taste confirmed no real cummies. I was still a good girl and was feeling quite sissy satified. :)

Time to remove the intruder. Damn... it was lodged tight. And not really moving due to the lack of lube. A push, a soft pull, relax.... a push and pull, push, pushPOP! She popped out loose as my insides felt as if they were falling out. A tender reach back with my fingers.... omg... my hole was completely turned out! Sissy pussy lips indeed!

I lubed my fingers and softly guided my lips back inside. It was not the first time i accidentally had a prolapse... but it has been a long time since. I thought i learned my lesson. Okay... a silent vow... no more butt fucking for at least a week. Let yourself HEAL you stupid cock starved sissy!

Later on... the real damaged had been discovered. I'll save you the gory pictures.... but just know this.... it's one thing to have swollen pussy lips, perverse and sexy even, under the right circumstances. It is an entirely other thing however, to have a busted o-ring. Owwwie.

So this sissy sits tender for a few days. Restocking on the creams and wipes was a humiliating, yet, fun experience. While at the drugstore, i decided that as long as the cashier was going to know i had butt trouble..... hehe... i was going to show off a tiny bit :P

A true sissy shopping trip!

Soo.... the moral of this story? It's been said again and again.... but lube hun, lube, and lube, then lube again!


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  1. That's so cute

    Oh and preparation H is a waste of money. Vicks replaces it by fsr. Safe for pregnant women as well