Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the subject of safe play...

So.... im not stupid. i know about the dangers out there. Disease, abuse, theft, many others.... all are possibilities when you engage intimately with strangers. But what is a sissy to do? If she's closeted, and lonely, a sissy is bound to get cravings, get frenzied, and eventually, act out.

ive been there (just check here, or here). When i do... well... i dont let a little piece of rubber get in between my tongue and a cock. None of my... 'doners'... ever complained. And, i always swallow like a good girl.

At thats just retarded.

Takings chances is stupid at best, fatal at worst.

Fatal. Remember that sissies.

i do ALL the wrong things. ive even licked bare man ass hoping to get them to blow their loads. And when they eventually did.... i licked it all up and swallowed it down like a cum craved slut (which, truthfully, i was). i've even gone so far as licking the jizz off the booth windows and floors just to demonstrate my sluttiness. (Btw - surprisingly girls, this seems to turn the men off, just so you know.)

Once i was talking to a fem boy i know. Hehe, he swears he's not gay... goofy little cock hound. Anyway, we were talkin, and he started telling me about a guy he keeps running into. The guy was coming on real strong, and quite frankly, bein kinda a bully. Anyways, i thought this was mostly fantasy. i encouraged my friend to go further, drop hints, giggles, maybe even get fucked. i was pushin, but really? i was just playin too.

Later... i discovered that the bully did eventually TAKE what was being slyly offered. i was mortified. my friend seemed not so bad about the whole encounter, and admitting to enjoying it. But, all i can think about is how much danger he was in, how in some way, i might be the cause of that. i certainly dont want to hurt my friends in any way!

Now, i am posting a sexy vid about a 'casting couch' situation. The girl might be getting abused, being taken advantage of... but her eventual desire and enjoyment kind of counters the actual evil deed that is being committed. i want to believe that this is real life.... but my head knows that she is prolly a paid actress, trying to break into the adult community. At least..... i hope so.

Remember girls... fantasy is fucking HOT! Being bred by anon strangers, being a cum slut, submitting yourself to abuse at the hands of unknowns.....but... it NEEDS to remain FANTASY! Sometimes... for me... the lines get blurred.... and that road is sure to lead to ruin.

Hehe... was this just a Public Service Announcement?

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